Columbus Monument at Port Vell

A monument honoring Christopher Columbus. It features a statue of him on top pointing out toward the sea.

A girl sitting on the edge of Port Vell

A girl sitting on the edge of the Port Vell boardwalk watching the harbor.

Barcelona Bicing public bicycles at Port Vell

Barcelona is known for its Bicing program, which allows people to rent bicycles from and return them to various locations around the city.

La Gamba prawn by Javier Mariscal and Head of Barcelona Roy Lichtenstein

Two very important symbols of Barcelona: on the left, "La Gamba" (literally "The Prawn") created by Javier Mariscal for the 1992 Olympics; in the center, the Face/Head of Barcelona by Roy Lichtenstein.

Lion Knocker Official Door

Not 100% sure what this building was, but it looked really official and had this really cool gold lion knocker.

Palm Trees at La Barceloneta Beach

Our first glimpse of the beach. Palm trees and blue skies at La Barceloneta beach.

Three wise monkeys sand scuptures

A very skilled sand artist, two-thirds done with creating the three wise monkeys (he was working on "see no evil").

Building and cloud in La Barceloneta

The sun, a big cloud and a grey building in La Barceloneta.

Umbrellas in La Barceloneta

Umbrellas adorning outdoor restaurant tables in La Barceloneta.