Nicole Atkins Singing at the Bowery Ballroom

Nicole Atkins singing at the Bowery Ballroom.

Nicole Atkins playing Hagstrom guitar

Nicole Atkins playing a black Hagstrom Viking semi-hollow guitar and singing.

Nicole Atkins playing the tambourine and singing

Nicole Atkins playing the tambouring and singing. At several points, she put the tambourine behind her head like a halo.

Nicole Atkins on stage with wine

Nicole Atkins and members of The Black Sea were drinking (what she described as) cheap wine on stage. Senior (the older gentleman on the cover of "Mondo Amore") was also there drinking on stage.

Nicole Atkins sitting on stage with The Black Sea

Nicole Atkins decided to have a seat during her performance and just watched the talented members of The Black Sea play their instruments.

Nicole Atkins singing Vultures at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Nicole Atkins closing the first part of her amazing set at the Bowery Ballroom with "Vultures".