Stars stage setup with Chris Seligman's keyboard

Before Stars took the stage: Chris Seligman's keyboard, synth and a box stamped "STARS" and labeled "Strings and things".

Stars Keyboardist Chris Seligman

Stars Keyboardist Chris Seligman bathing in the glow of multi-colored stage lights.

Stars singer Torquil Campbell at Terminal 5

Stars singer Torquil Campbell (aka Torq).

Torq Campbell and Amy Millan of Stars

A happy Torq Campbell and Amy Millan, with a blurry Evan Cranley in between them.

Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan

Lots of movement, with Torquil pointing his finger and Amy playing the tambourine.

Torq Campbell playing synthesizer

Torq Campbell singing and playing his microKorg synthesizer.

Torquil Campbell singing at Terminal 5

Torq Campbell singing during the encore.