Alexei Saba (Sabzi) of MADE IN HEIGHTS at Glasslands

Alexei Saba (also known as Sabzi) on stage at Glasslands. Sabzi is producer/DJ of MADE IN HEIGHTS.

Kelsey Bulkin of MADE IN HEIGHTS at Glasslands, Brooklyn

The other half of MADE IN HEIGHTS is Kelsey Bulkin, the voice of the band.

MADE IN HEIGHTS on stage at Glasslands, Brooklyn

The band was a lot of fun to watch, breaking away from their own songs to play a few from the genre of Miami bass. An ongoing theme of theirs was not knowing what to call their own music. I would describe them indie-dream-pop-electronica.

Kelsey Bulkin on stage at Glasslands, Brooklyn

Kelsey on stage singing. During musical breaks, the duo also dazzled us with some synchronized dance moves.


Sabzi and Kelsey played a bunch of their songs off their previous releases "APORIA: IN THESE §TREETS" and "Winter Pigeons (Songs To Raise Your Dead Spirits)".

MADE IN HEIGHTS playing some new songs

They also played some of their newer material (available on the official MADE IN HEIGHTS SoundCloud page).

Alexei Saba (Sabzi) at the end of MADE IN HEIGHTS' first show in Brooklyn

They finished their set without playing "Viices", but they performed a bunch of my other favorites, including "All The Places", "Marguerite", "Skylark Interabang", "Holla Mears", and "Pirouette".