Andrew Allen at Highline Ballroom

Andrew Allen from Canada was the opening act. I had no idea who he is, but apparently, he has a song currently in the Top 10 of the Canadian charts. He had a way with the audience.

Dia Frampton at Highline Ballroom

Dia Frampton took to the stage with her band, which was actually made up of all of the other members of Meg & Dia.

Carlo Gimenez playing his Fender banjo

Carlo Gimenez playing his Fender banjo. I spoke to him after the show and he had only started playing three months ago for the tour, which is impressive.

Dia Frampton singing Trapeze at Highline Ballroom

Dia and Carlo on stage at Highline Ballroom. This was probably during the song "Trapeze" from Dia's album "Red".

Dia Frampton singing at Highline Ballroom

Dia Frampton looking stunning. She's added a lot more dresses to her wardrobe since being on "The Voice".

Meg Frampton at the Highline Ballroom.

Dia's sister Meg Frampton playing guitar and providing backup vocals.

Meg and Dia Frampton at Highline Ballroom

The original two members of The Meg & Dia Band.

Dia Frampton singing and playing the tambourine at the Highline Ballroom

Dia performed most of "Red" and switched between playing the piano, guitar, and tambourine, as seen above..

Carlo Gimenez playing a Fender Stratocaster.

Carlo also told me that the band now has a Fender guitar endorsement. Good for them!

Carlo Gimenez and Meg Frampton playing guitars at Highline Ballroom

I've missed this - Carlo and Meg tearing it up on stage together with their guitars. That's Meg's custom painted Telecaster that she Tweeted about during the recording of "Cocoon".

Meg & Dia logo on their instrument crates

If ever you needed a sign that the band was still together, their gear is still labeled Meg & Dia.