Meg & Dia Frampton at Webster Hall

Getting up close and personal with Dia and Meg Frampton before the show at Webster Hall.

Dia Frampton setting up for the show

Dia Frampton setting up her mic stand for the show.

Dia Frampton tuning her guitar

Dia tuning Meg's Taylor guitar. After the show, Meg said that they pretty much forced Dia to play rhythm guitar.

Meg & Dia singing at The Studio at Webster Hall

Meg & Dia performing at The Studio at Webster Hall.

Meg Frampton playing guitar at Webster Hall

Meg Frampton playing her Taylor acoustic guitar at Webster Hall.

Meg & Dia guitarist Carlo Gimenez

Carlo Gimenez on stage at Webster Hall. After the show, he joked that he remembered me from the Spill Canvas tour three years beforehand.

Meg Frampton's guitar effects pedal board

A look at Meg Frampton's guitar effects pedal board.