The Wind + The Wave at Rough Trade Brooklyn

The first openers were The Wind + The Wave, a Texan band that fused country and pop. The duo of Patricia Lynn and Dwight Baker (along with a backing drum track) had as much presence as a full band and were fun to watch.

Jarrod Gorbel and Blake Sennett of Night Terrors of 1927

The second band to take the stage was Night Terrors of 1927. I didn't realize at the time, but the lead singer is Jarrod Gorbel, who you might know from The Honorary Title or his solo work, and the lead guitarist is Blake Sennett (most notably of Rilo Kiley). They opened their set together with a quiet single-guitar song.

Lauren White of Night Terrors of 1927 at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

Keyboardist Lauren White provided backing vocals on most of the songs. The band's sound was characterized by Gorbel's bassy voice supported by group harmonies. Their rhythm section was also very solid.

Maya Tuttle of The Colourist during soundcheck at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

The Colourist's singer/drummer Maya Tuttle during soundcheck.

The Colourist's palm trees and pedal boards at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

Palm trees and pedal boards adorned the stage for The Colourist

The Colourist at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

The Colourist hit the stage with a ton of energy.

The Colourist's Adam Castilla's Converse shoes

The Colourist's Adam Castilla's high-top Converse sneakers along with two other pedal boards.

Maya Tuttle of The Colourist singing at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

Maya Tuttle taking a short break from drums to provide lead vocals.

The Colourist bassist/guitarist Kollin Johannsen at Rough Trade, Brooklyn.

Bassist Kollin Johannsen swapped places and instruments with guitarist/keyboardist Justin Wagner halfway through the set.

The Colourist's lead singer Adam Castilla

Lead singer (and founding member) Adam Castilla.

The Colourist's drummer and singer Maya Tuttle

The other founding member Maya Tuttle.

Maya Tuttle singing on Stray Away

Maya Tuttle providing background vocals on the acoustic track "Stray Away" from their self-titled full-length album.

Maya Tuttle at Rough Trade, Brooklyn during the encore before performing Little Games

Maya Tuttle encouraging the crowd to clap along during the encore. Of course, they ended their set with a very spot-on performance of "Little Games", to which the crowd sang along with every word. All in all, a pretty good showing for the band's first time in Brooklyn. With a singer who's also the drummer, it can be tough to balance levels (especially in a smaller venue), but the sound techs at Rough Trade did a great job.