Metric drums, synth, keyboards, bass amp

Before Metric took the stage: Joules' drum set with the Metric butterfly logo, Emily's synth, keyboards, tambourine, and Josh's bass amp stack.

Jimmy Shaw with his Gibson ES-335

Jimmy Shaw with his Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow guitar.

Josh Winstead with his Fender P Bass

Josh Winstead with his black-on-black Fender P Bass.

Emily Haines singing Front Row

Emily Haines singing "Front Row" from the album "Fantasies".

Jimmy Shaw and Emily Haines playing Help I'm Alive

Jimmy Shaw (with his Fender Jaguar) and Emily Haines (with her tambourine) performing "Help, I'm Alive" from the album "Fantasies".

Emily Haines singing Empty by Metric

Emily Haines singing "Empty" from the 2005 album "Live It Out".

Emily Haines playing guitar

Emily singing and playing "Gold Guns Girls" from "Fantasies" with her black-on-black Fender Mustang guitar.

Jimmy Shaw and Emily Haines

Jimmy Shaw with his Gibson SG and Emily Haines with her Mustang performing "Gold Guns Girls".

Emily Haines playing Dead Disco on synthesiser

Emily Haines on her Sequantial Circuits Pro-One synthesiser performing "Dead Disco" from the 2003 album "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?"