Hospitality Amber Papini and Brian Betancourt

Hospitality started out the night. Here is Amber Papini rocking out on her Fender Mustang Special and bassist Brian Betancourt with his Hofner violin bass.

Hospitality at The Bell House

Hospitality on stage at The Bell House. In the foreground is guitarist Nathan Michel with his Fender Telecaster.

Amber Papini singing.

Amber Papini singing.

Eleanor Friedberger at The Bell House

Eleanor Friedberger took to The Bell House stage next armed with her Fender Stratocaster and some cowboy boots.

Eleanor Friedberger's bassist

Eleanor Friedberger's bassist playing his Fender Musicmaster Bass.

Eleanor Friedberger singing at The Bell House

Eleanor Friedberger put down her guitar for a few songs, but did pick up some egg shaker/maracas (not pictured).