Photographers flocked to Tudor City Place for Manhattanhenge

A friend tipped me off to going to Tudor City Place to take photos due to the elevated bridge. When I got there, I realized a lot of other people had realized the same thing.

Tudor City Photographers for Manhattanhenge

Even more photographers at Tudor City Place. There were at least two standing on top of their cars with gigantic tripods.

Manhattanhenge on May 31, 2011 starting

Slightly before the sunset, I decided to go back down to street level for the best chance at any photos.

Street photographer at Manhattanhenge

A lot of other photographers had the same idea, and down the median there were always at least some people there with cameras.

Manhattan Solstice photographers

The Manhattan Solstice was to occur at 8:17pm, but it was a little late and cloudy. There was a police officer who had to tell people to get out of the way of traffic.

Cloudy Manhattanhenge

A lot of photographers were disappointed by how cloudy it was.

42nd Street Manhattanhenge on May 31, 2011

The sun ended up a bright pink and didn't line up directly with the 42nd Street grid, much to the chagrin of everyone with cameras.

Street photographers at 42nd St for Manhattanhenge

At one point, cars gave up trying to drive up 42nd street, as the crowd got out of control. The best part were other pedestrians walking by wondering what exactly was going on.