Okay-Kaya at Mercury Lounge

The opening act of the early show at Mercury Lounge was Okay-Kaya. She was accompanied only by her black Epiphone SG guitar. Her sound was raw and her playing was characterized by sparse minor chords and doublestops. My favorite part was when she harmonized her voice with her playing.

Okay-Kaya (Kaya Wilkins) at Mercury Lounge

There's not too much information about Okay-Kaya, save for a few videos like "Damn, Gravity" and "Clenched Teeth". From the information I've seen, Kaya Wilkins also daylights as a fashion model.

Okay-Kaya's shoes at Mercury Lounge

Of course, I always take note of what shoes people wear on stage; Okay-Kaya took the comfort route. She closed out her set with a track that featured her singing in her native Norwegian tongue. All in all, she stumbled a bit through nervousness and forgot some lyrics/chord changes, but she definitely has potential in the melancholic downtempo space. I imagine she'll gain traction from having one of her songs remixed and distributed widely across the Indie blogs.

Say Lou Lou performing at Mercury Lounge

Say Lou Lou hit the stage at 8pm, with twin sisters Elektra (left) and Miranda (right) accompanied by a full band (a drummer, guitar/bassist, and synth/keyboard player). After listening to their tracks on YouTube for a few years, it was great to see how they were able to reproduce their sound live.

Elektra and Miranda Kilbey-Jansson of Say Lou Lou at Mercury Lounge

The two Kilbey-Jansson sisters literally shared the spotlight, and took turns singing lead on their tracks. Their voices were at the same time similar but distinctive, and complemented each other the way that singing together for a lifetime does.

Elektra of Say Lou Lou performing at Mercury Lounge

Elektra in the spotlight.

Say Lou Lou performing at Mercury Lounge

I've gone this far without mentioning their parents, but it's worth noting that the twins are from a musical background as well. They are the daughters of Steve Kilbey (of The Church) and Karin Jansson (of Pink Champagne). This also explains why they were shuttled between countries during their childhood.

Elektra Kilbey-Jannson of Say Lou Lou performing at Mercury Lounge

Besides synchronizing their harmonies with each other, Elektra and Miranda also coordinated outfits. The blouse that Elektra wore seemed to be part of the same ensemble as Miranda's pants. The two twin sisters also had matching moon tattoos on their wrists. There's probably some symbolism here about how intertwined they are (yes, the word "twin" is in "intertwined").

Miranda Kilbey-Jansson of Say Lou Lou performing at Mercury Lounge

Miranda closing out a very energetic set from Say Lou Lou.

Say Lou Lou's guitarist at Mercury Lounge

They played a 45 minute set before exiting the stage and having the band rock out to end the early show. It was a good preview of their debut album, which I'm sure will have a few singles that resonate with the online audience. Glad I got to see them live as they were top-notch performers.