Doe Paoro at Glasslands, Brooklyn

singer Doe Paoro, or rather, I should refer to her as a performance artist. Great stage presence, amazing band, and was definitely the biggest surprise of the night for me.

Doe Paoro singing

Doe Paoro's voice was powerful, but she had amazing control over it without losing intensity. I highly recommend catching them live if you can.

Cold Specks at Glasslands, Brooklyn

Cold Specks took to the stage with its full band.

Cold Specks guitars, drummer, and Al Spx

Al Spx with the guitarist and drummer from Cold Specks. It's interesting how "Cold Specks" has morphed from a stage name to a band name.

Al Spx with her Fender Telecaster with the Cold Specks bassist and cello player.

Al Spx's semi-hollow Fender Telecaster and her bandmate playing the cello. He also played the electric bass.

Al Spx of Cold Specks at Glasslands, Brooklyn

It was my first time at Glasslands in Williamsburg, but I immediately fell in love with the stage design. Where else could you take a photo of Al Spx/Cold Specks with a backdrop akin to clouds on fire?

Al Spx doing a solo encore to end the set.

Al Spx Came back for a solo encore, which included an amazing gospel-like acapella performance. She actually stepped away from the microphone and you could still hear her throughout the venue. Really powerful stuff.