Street meat cart before Manhattanhenge

7:31pm - Before Manhattanhenge started, this street food vendor was taking a look toward the sunset before packing it up for the day.

Getting ready for Manhattanhenge

8:10pm - The location of E34th and Park Ave was actually pretty good and not as crowded as Tudor City was.

Manhattanhenge starting on July 12

8:14pm - The first glimpse of the sun setting down 34th street. I took this from an extreme angle perched atop a fence.

July 12, 2011 Manhattanhenge sun

8:17pm - The sun was so bright that after taking a few pictures my eyes were getting blurry.

Manhattanhenge police car

8:18pm - Like last time, the NYPD did a great job making sure everyone stayed safe and also out of the way of oncoming traffic.

Manhattanhenge at East 34th and Park Ave

8:19pm - Crowds gathering in the middle of the street, making cars wait for them.

Manhattanhenge man and daughter

8:20pm - A man and his daughter enjoying Manhattanhenge. This peaceful scene was soon disrupted when the man got into a verbal altercation with a driver.

Photographing Manhattanhenge July 12

8:21pm - The crowd down the median of 34th street ran halfway down the block and was actually one of the safest places to stand.

The end of Manhattanhenge on July 12

8:21 pm - There were some great photo opportunities, but the sun was gone before 8:25pm. This is the last shot I have of it creeping below the horizon.