Amanda Shires at The Rock Shop Brooklyn

Amanda Shires opened up her set with an a capella version of "Kudzu", showing off the strength of her voice. Here she is playing the ukulele shortly afterward.

Amanda Shires playing the violin at The Rock Shop Brooklyn

In addition to being a talented singer/songwriter, Amanda also plays a mean fiddle.

Amanda Shires playing Detroit or Buffalo

Early on in the set, she played one of my favorite tracks from her latest album "Carrying Lightning" - "Detroit or Buffalo", which is actually a (very faithful) Barbara Keith cover.

Amanda Shires' f-hole cowboy boots

Amanda Shires' trademark f-hole cowboy boots. They'd seen quite a few miles, and she mentioned they needed a re-soling.

Amanda Shires smiling at The Rock Shop Brooklyn

A very happy Amanda Shires. She told a few jokes and some (unintentionally) funny stories, like losing her guitar player in Norway. Here she is right before playing "Swimmer..."

Amanda Shires singing at The Rock Shop, Brooklyn

I spoke to Amanda after the show about her new tattoo on the back of her right arm. She asked me how I knew it was new, and I said because I hadn't seen it before. That was a funny exchange. She said she got that ink recently in New Zealand.

Mice Parade acoustic trio at Littlefield, Brooklyn NY

Sadly, I wasn't able to go to her show the next night in the Lower East Side. And Amanda was double-fisting drinks after the show, so when I offered her a drink, she said she'd take me up on that the next time I saw her.