Curtis Harvey at Littlefield, Brooklyn

Curtis Harvey opened up the night with some great acoustic folk music. A lot of storytelling songs and banjo jokes.

Curtis Harvey band at Littlefield

Curtis Harvey playing his banjo with his full acoustic band.

Adam Pierce of Mice Parade at Littlefield, Brooklyn

Adam Pierce, the mastermind behind Mice Parade (and the anagramous eponym) took to the stage with the "acoustic trio" version of the live band.

Dan Lippel of Mice Parade at Littlefield, Brooklyn

Dan Lippel played some very impressive flamenco style guitar.

Dan Lieppel and female Icelandic vocalist at Littlefield

Adam introduced the female vocalist/ukulele player, but her name was very Icelandic and I can't find any mentions of it online. But she was great in the live role.

Mice Parade acoustic trio at Littlefield, Brooklyn NY

The full Mice Parade acoustic trio closing out the show.