Carrer de Balmes

The sky between buildings on Carrer de Balmes.

Building reflection on Carrer de Balmes

Buildings and the sky reflected off of a building on Carrer de Balmes

Construction Crane on Avinguda Diagonal

A construction crane on Avinguda Diagonal.

Casa Batlló designed by Gaudi

Casa Battló designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is also known as the House of Bones (Casa dels ossos) due to its exterior skeletal designs.

Griffin in Plaça de les Drassanes

A griffin statue perched atop a building in Plaça de les Drassanes.

Woman on motorbike in Barcelona

Motorbikes, Vespas and motorcycles were very common modes of transportation in Barcelona, probably somewhat due to the many narrow streets.

A church on Avinguda del Tibidabo

A little hazy on the details of this building, but it seemed to be a church on Avinguda del Tibidabo.

Barcelona Sants Railway Station

Barcelona Sants Railway Station is a major transportation hub for trains and buses in Barcelona.

Delegacion del Gobierno en Cataluña

The official Delegacion del Gobierno en Cataluña building in Eixample, Barcelona.

Passeig de Sant Joan

A little bit of traffic on Passeig de Sant Joan.