Park Güell cross tower

A tall tower with a cross on top can be seen from most places in Park Güell.

Park Güell cross tower

Another look at the cross.

Stone pillars at Park Güell

A structure of stone pillars casting shadows in Park Güell.

Park Güell

Pillars and a tiled ceiling mosaic in Park Güell.

Park Güell view from the top

A view of Park Güell from one of the highest points of the park.

Graffiti in Park Güell

Some rooftop graffiti in buildings located in or adjacent to Park Güell.

Big cross on top of Park Güell

This stone cross was atop a spiraling staircase, probably one of the highest points in Park Güell.

Basketball Hoop in Park Güell

A basketball hoop in Park Güell.

Watchtower in Park Güell

Some sort of watchtower in Park Güell covered with turquoise fabric.

Park Güell tree leaves

The sky through some tree leaves in Park Güell.

Headless street perfomer in Park Güell

A headless street performing busking near the entrance of Park Güell.