Taverna del Bisbe in Barcelona, Spain

Our first meal in Barcelona was at Taverna del Bisbe, near the Gothic Quarter.

Andalusian style calamari at Taverna del Bisbe, Barcelona

There was actually a fair amount of fried seafood dishes in Barcelona. Our first was this Andalusian style calamari.

Razor clams at Taverna del Bisbe, Barcelona

I also had my first razor clam in Barcelona. It was incredibly fresh and delicious.

Spicy garlic potato salad at Taverna del Bisbe, Barcelona

Of course, not everything was seafood. We also ordered a side of spicy garlic potato salad.

Fried prawns with spicy honey sauce in Barcelona

I forget what restaurant this was, but it was one of the many with sidewalk seating. These were fried prawns, stacked three rows high, with a spicy honey sauce drizzle.

Moritz beer glass in Barcelona

We drank many Spanish beers in Barcelona, including Moritz.

San Miguel beer in Barcelona

The most common beer was definitely San Miguel, and it was among our favorites in Spain.

Flan at Egipte restaurant in La Rambla, Barcelona

Flan for dessert at Egipte restaurant near La Rambla.

Cacaolat chocolate drink in Barcelona

Before heading out on a long day, we stopped by Nuria (near Plaça de Catalunya) for breakfast. There, I ordered Cacaolat, a chocolate drink similar to Yoohoo.

Vinegar and olive oil bottles at Nuria, Barcelona

Vinegar and olive oil bottles at Nuria

American breakfast at Nuria in Barcelona, including a hamburger patty, fries, salad, and a fried egg

An American-style breakfast at Nuria, including a hamburger patty, fries, salad, and a fried egg.

Falafel pita at Doner Kebab in Barcelona

Doner was very popular in Barcelona as a quick meal. We passed by many, but the only one we stopped at was aptly named Doner Kebab. This is the falafel pita.

Ria de Vigo restaurant in Barcelona

On our last day in Barcelona, we were walking back to the bus along the boardwalk and were stopped by a hostess at Ria de Vigo. He invited us to return for dinner, and promised us a round of shots on the house. We happily obliged.

Beef carpaccio at Ria de Vigo.

We started out with beef carpaccio, which was excellent.

Fried calamari at Ria de Vigo, Barcelona

We had some fried calamari for the second time.

Mixed seafood and chicken paella at Ria de Vigo, Barcelona

One of our shared entrees was a wonderfully delicious mixed seafood and chicken paella. It came iwth prawns, clams, and tons of other goodies.

Baked monkfish at Ria de Vigo, Barcelona

And of course, more seafood. This was a delicious baked monkfish.

Green shots in Barcelona

Our host kept his promise, and provided us with these green shots. We asked him what it was, and all he told us was that it was a "strong spirit". That was all we needed to know.

Flaming orange shots at La Fira, Barcelona

Our final stop of the night (and of our Barcelona trip) was to La Fira, a carnival-themed bar. It's known for its flaming cocktails and shots.

Bar on fire in the shape of a cross at La Fira, Barcelona

The pyromaniac bartender had a lot of fun crafting shots, and sometimes setting the bar on fire in the shape of a cross.

Shots on fire at La Fira, Barcelona

More shots on fire.

Bartender at La Fira, Barcelona

Our wonderful bartender at La Fira. I professed my love to her before we left.