View of the mountains in Cusco

The view of the mountains from the street that our hostel (Loki Cusco) was located.

La Compania de Jesus at Plaza de Armas in Cusco

La Compañía de Jesús (the Church of the Society of Jesus) at the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

Couple crossing the street at Plaza de Armas, Cusco

Mountains in the distance and tourists crossing the street at Plaza de Armas.

Steep streets in Cusco with mountains in the background

The streets leading to the Plaza de Armas was steep, but offered some spectacular views.

Donkey jaws for sale at San Pedro Market in Cusco, Peru

Near Plaza de Armas was San Pedro Market. Here were some donkey jaws that were for sale (or were they horse jaws?).

Vegetables soaking in water at san Pedro Market, Cusco

Assorted vegetables being soaked.

Dried vegetables for sale at San Pedro market, Cusco

Dried vegetables for sale at San Pedro market.

Girls' dresses for sale at San Pedro Market, Cusco

Little girls' dresses for sale.

Clothing, hats and bags for sale at Cusco Market in Peru

Next, we went to Cusco Market, which sold mostly clothing.

Scarves and t-shirts for sale at Cusco Market in Peru

Scarves and t-shirts for sale. The shirts feature many of the iconic symbols of Peru, including the city's official logo, llamas, Inca Kola, and football/soccer paraphernalia.

Cusco Market in Peru

A last look at Cusco Market.

A masked mascot at Centro Artesanal Cusco

The last market we went to was in Centro Artesanal Cusco. It was definitely the largest one we saw. Here, there was some sort of mascot displayed, wearing the colorful Cusquenian flag (not to be confused with gay pride flag in the States) and a traditional Qolla-style knit mask.

Avenida El Sol in Cusco

The sun casting long shadows on a lawn on Avenida El Sol (literally The Sun Avenue).

Cusquenian schoolchildren walking home.

Children walking home from school in Cusco.

A streetlight in Cusco, Peru.

A Cusquenian streetlight.

A dog on the street in Cusco.

A dog on the street.

An illuminated fountain in Cusco

An illuminated fountain at night.