French bakery at Machupicchu Village

Breakfast at La Boulangerie, a French bakery at Machupicchu village.

Baked goods at La Boulangerie, Machupicchu Village

Baked goods display at La Boulangerie.

French open faced sandwiches at La Boulangerie, Machupicchu Village

Open faced sandwiches at La Boulangerie.

Flaming shots at Loki Hostel in Cusco

Flaming shots to commemorate the 5th of November at Loki Hostel, where we stayed in Cusco.

Lunch at Pachamama in Cusco, Peru

Lunch at Pachamama in Cusco

Fresh papaya juice at Pachamama, Cusco

Fresh papaya juice

Interior decor of Pachamama restaurant in Cusco, Peru

The interior decor of Pachamama

A decorative vase at Pachamama restaurant in Cusco

A decorative vase

Alpaca burger at Pachamama restaurant in Cusco

Alpacas aren't just kept around for their super soft wool. Their meat is also made into burgers.

Alpaca steak with quinoa risotto at Pachamama restaurant, Cusco

This dish was an alpaca steak that my friend had, with a side of quinoa risotto.