A sleeping dog at Machupicchu Village.

A sleeping dog at Machipicchu Village getting some rest that I would soon be jealous of.

The mountain peaks of Machu Picchu

Our first look at the mountain peaks of Machu Picchu from the bus that took us up.

Machu Picchu ruins through the fog.

Machu Picchu ruins through the fog. The fog was actually very welcome, as it was an otherwise extremely sunny day.

Ancient Machu Picchu ruins

More ancient Machu Picchu ruins.

stone doorway at Machu Picchu

A stone doorway with an eyelet that our tour guide mentioned might have been used for security purposes.

Stone walls overlooking the mountains at Machu Picchu

Stone walls overlooking the mountains.

A pile of loose stones at Machu Picchu

A pile of loose stones.

Tourists at Machu Picchu

We arrived early in the AM to get the most time at Machu Picchu. One of the benefits was avoiding many tourist groups. They started pouring in by the dozens closer to noon.

Housing structures at Machi Picchu

Some housing structures.

Rocky terraces at Machu Picchu

Some of the more rocky terraces.

Embrasures at Machu Picchu

Two embrasures overlooking the hills.

Roca Sagrada (sacred rock) at Machu Picchu

A very large sacred rock (Roca Sagrada).

Men doing construction at Machu Picchu

Men at work doing construction.

Tourists walking at Machu Picchu

Tourists walking single file along the top terrace.

Tiered terrace steps at Machu Picchu

Another look at some of the terraces. From what I recall, these tiered terraces allowed farmers to experiment with growing crops.

Mochileros at Machu Picchu

Tons of mochileros (backpackers) taking a tour.

View of Machu Picchu from Huayna Picchu mountain

After our tour of the ruins, we hiked Huayna Picchu, the "young" peak overlooking the ruins. There were stairs, though a bit uneven. The trail was winding and we almost made it to the top, but we spent too much time exploring the ruins and needed to head back to catch our train back.

Purple flowers on the way up Huayna Picchu

Purple flowers on the way up Huayna Picchu

An alpaca eating leaves at Machu Picchu

An alpaca friend eating some foliage.

Sassy alpaca at Machu Picchu

The same alpaca looking particularly sassy.

Machupicchu Pueblo

Before heading on a train back to Cusco, we stopped by Machupicchu Pueblo for a post-hike lunch and did some people-watching.