Diane Birch singing Fire Escape at Joe's Pub

Armed with just a grand piano, microphone, and endless talent, Diane Birch took the stage leading off with "Fire Escape".

Diane Birch at Joe's Pub singing

Diane played most of the tracks from her debut album "Bible Belt", including my personal favorites "Nothing But A Miracle", "Rewind", "Ariel" and "Fools".

Diane Birch announces new album

Diane Birch also spoke about how 2011 was not a great year for her, citing many reasons to write breakup songs... but that she was doing great in 2012 and looking forward to a new full length album!

Diane Birch at Joe's Pub

If most of these photos look similar, it's because Joe's Pub is a seated venue with dinner tables. Not your average concert space, but luckily the sound system was superb and did justice to Diane Birch's voice.

Diane Birch at Joe's Pub, NYC

Diane described the 7:30 pm crowd as "very well behaved", but I think everyone was just in awe of her spot-on vocals.

Diane Birch at Joe's Pub, livestreaming.

Attendees of the 9:30pm show were treated with an extra encore song, and a cover of Haddaway's "What Is Love". Good thing I was able to watch it on Livestream!