Las Rojas Aborto Abortion Sign at Plaza de Mayo.

Signs on the fence outside La Casa Rosada. The middle one here is from Las Rojas, a women's liberation group that supports the legalization of abortion.

Graffiti on the Piramide de Mayo statue

Graffiti on the Pirade de Mayo statue, which commemorates the May Revolution. The words in red ("En democracia o en dictadura el estado te tortura") translates to "In a democracy or in a dictatorship, the government tortures you."

Equestian Monument to General Manual Belgrano

In front of La Casa Rosada is the Equestrian Monument to General Manuel Belgrano, a military leader during the Argentine Wars of Independence

Plaza de Mayo Bronze Plaque.

A bronze plaque located below the main flag pole in Plaza de Mayo. It explains that the color of the plaque (bronze) will be the color of the new currency in 1812 and notes the use of the country's blue and white flag since 1816.

La Casa Rosada or The Pink House in Argentina

La Casa Rosada (literally "The Pink House"), which is the main government house, which includes the office of the Argentinian President.

Soldiers Memorial in Plaza de Mayo

Crosses commemorate the deaths of soldiers who defended Argentina.

Bronze plaque outside La Casa Rosada.

Another bronze plaque, this one featuring the Argentinian Coat of Arms, located on the gate outside La Casa Rosada. The seal depicts two hands shaking, while holding a pike with a Phrygian cap on top.

Junta Interna Bap Ate Protest in Plaza de Mayo

Our timing allowed us to witness the passing of a lengthy protest. The first ones here are for the Junta Interna Bap-Ate group, a worker's rights group.

MTL Movimiento Territorial de Libraction protest in Plaza de Mayo

This group is the MTL, which stands for Movimiento Territorial de Liberación, another worker's group.

Police officer watching over the MTL Street Demonstration

A police officer stands guard as the protest transitions from Avenida Roque Sáenz Peña on the North side to Avenida Presidente Julio Argentino Roca to the South.