Street art by Don John of birds flying out of a hoodie

Birds flying out of a hoodie by Don John

Yesterday Bar in Berlin

We went to Yesterday, which was vintage themed cocktail bar with a ton of music memorabilia and and old school games. Yelp review here.

Colorful lights at Yesterday Bar in Berlin

It was dark but very colorful

Foosball table at Yesterday Bar in Berlin

Foosball table at Yesterday Bar

Griessmuhle dance party in Berlin

Through the recommendation of some friends, we also found outselves at Griessmuhle, which was a mostly-outdoor dance party that was to last several days. We left at around 5am.

Silos and cars at Griessmuhle

There was a lot of wild stuff, like abandoned cars, metal silos, and even a treehouse. Yelp review.

The river behind Griessmuhle in Berlin

It wasn't until the sun rose that we realized we were on the river. Made for a nice sunrise.

Vintage car at Griessmuhle, Berlin

One of several vintage hollowed out cars

Street art in Berlin

Some street art in the alley on the way out

The Weird street art in Berlin

Another angle of "The Weird"