Currywurst from Curry and Burger in Berlin

Our first destination after checking into our hostel was to get some currywurst from Curry and Burger, which was very close to where we had to be for our walking tour.

Banh mi from Co Co Banh Mi Deli in Berlin

Delicious banh mi from Co Co Banh Mi Deli. It was pretty similar to American banh mi, except for the inclusion of tomatoes! Yelp review.

Jalapeno bacon cheese burger with pimped out chili cheese fries from The Bird in Berlin

We couldnt' help but visit The Bird, which was an American style restaurant/pub. In addition to "Napalm" wings (which lived up to the name), I also had this ridiculous jalapeno bacon cheeseburger (on an English muffin) with a side of "pimped out" fries (meaning chili and cheese on top). Never felt more like an American. Yelp review.

Beef Carpaccio from Goldener Hahn in Berlin

We only did one truly fancy sit-down meal, and it was for Italian food at Goldener Hahn (translation: The Golden Hen). We had a table on the sidewalk and had delicious plates like this beef carpaccio. Yelp review.

Burrata from Goldener Hahn in Berlin

Some of the best burrata I've ever had

Truffle butter tortelli from Goldener Hahn in Berlin

The sun was setting, but I was able to sneak in a photo of this truffle butter tortelli

Currywurst near the Berlin Wall

Couldn't leave Berlin without having more currywurst. This was from a shack near the east end of the Berlin Wall.

Hasir Doner restaurant in Berlin

After some online research, we chose Hasir Restaurant to provide us with our first taste of German doner.

Doner pita sandwich from Hasir Restaurant in Berlin

The doner was delicious! Yelp review.

Street food stand in Berlin

On one of our last days, we happened to stroll through an open market with food vendors. Not sure what this lady was making, but it smelled really good.

Falafel pita sandwich from Falafelinberlin in Berlin

We just couldn't help ourselves and also had falafel from the aptly named Falafelinberlin. It was freshly made, and they included mint, which was interesting. Yelp review.

Doner sandwich from Rosenthaler Grill und Schlemmerbuffet in Mitte, Berlin.

And last but not least, we found a 24-hour doner restaurant near our hostel in Mitte. The place was called Rosenthaler Grill und Schlemmerbuffet. It wasn't the best, but after a long night at the club, it was a welcome snack before bed.