KSC Photography by Kenny Chung

Kenny Chung KSC Photography

Welcome to my photography site. Here, you'll find pictures I've felt needed to live publicly somewhere on the Internet. These sets span several years and a number of different cameras.

On the right side of this page are my most recent photo albums. To the left is a full directory listing. I'm particularly fond of my Concert Photos; check out my most recent mini photo set Creators Project NY 2011 Photos.
At the moment, I'm still working on my Scenic & Urban Photography section. I've recently added the Brooklyn Bridge Park set. You can also view my first two scenic sets: Barcelona, Spain Photos and Madrid, Spain Photos.

If you run out of things to look at here, you can view my graphic design work at The Online Portfolio of Kenny Chung, follow me on Twitter @kennySHARKchung, or connect with me on kennychung dot net. Hope to see you again soon!