Statue and graffiti at Praca do Expendicionario, Rio de Janeiro.

A statue at Praça do Expedicionário, near a WWII museum.

MONEY IS VIOLENCE graffiti in Centro Rio de Janeiro

MONEY IS VIOLENCE graffiti near the military museum.

SECURITY IS A DANGER graffiti in Centro Rio de Janeiro

SECURITY IS A DANGER graffiti on the other side.

Interior mirror at Confeitaria Colombo in Rio de Janeiro

Confeitaria Colombo is a cafe located in Central Rio known for its beautiful interior and baked confections.

Mirrors at Confeitaria Colombo

There were gigantic mirrors everywhere in the dining area.

Restaurante Cristovao in Confeitario Colombo, Rio de Janeiro.

The second floor is home to Restaurante Cristóvão, a more upscale dining establishment. Here, you can see its balcony.

Diners at Restaurante Cristovao in Confeitario Colombo

Another mirror shot shows you the diners upstairs at Restaurante Cristóvão.