I Can Make You Famous street art by T.Wat in Shoreditch, London

A piece by artist T.Wat featuring the tagline "I Can Make You Famous". It features former tabloid publicist Max Clifford and was created after he was indicted on several charges of underage child abuse, as documented by the Shoreditch Street Art Tours site. Since its creation, another artist has added the thought bubble "I Want to be Like Banksy".

Donklondon street art on Fashion Street in Shoreditch, London

A piece by Donklondon on Fashion Street.

Graffiti on Fashion Street in Shoreditch, London

Some more graffiti located on Fashion Street in Shoreditch.

GENT48 graffiti mural near the Shoreditch High Street tube station in London

A piece by GENT48 near the Shoreditch High Street tube station. For more information and detailed photos, visit the GENT48 blog.

Shoplifters Welcome mural in Shoreditch, London by Shepard Fairey and Jamie Reid

This piece was a collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Jamie Reid (graphic designer for the Sex Pistols). It features the phrase "This Decade Only! Shoplifters Welcome!", and is in reference to the financial crisis of 2008. For more information on this mural, visit Made in Shoreditch

Cosmo Sarson's Caravaggio Selfie graffiti in Shoreditch, London

This piece by Cosmo Sarson is parody of Caravaggio's famous painting "David with the Head of Goliath", with the modern addition of a selfie.

A painter cleaning up graffiti (including the Me Gusta meme) on a Shoreditch storefront

A painter cleaning up a spraypainted storefront on what I believe was Redchurch street. This particular shop front included a reference to the "Me Gusta" meme, popular on reddit.

Borondo Cheese street art in Shoreditch, London

Not sure what the meaning of this piece is, but it's titled "Cheese" by Spanish street artist Borondo. It features a man in medieval stocks.

Wheatpaste art on a door in Shoreditch, London

Some wheatpaste art on a random back door in Shoreditch.

Kim Jong Un in a pig mask graffiti in Shoreditch, London

Some more random graffiti in Shoreditch (probably near Grey Eagle Street). This one seems to be Kim Jong Un in a pig mask.

A graffiti mural on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London

Some amazing fantasy street art mural located on Redchurch Street.

Window glass art by Borondo for Bull in a China Shop in Shoreditch, London

At the time I took this photo, the location (titled "Bull in a China Shop") was not yet opened, but it was already adorned with this window art from Borondo. I'm not quite sure what type of business it was meant to become.

Wheatpaste clown street art in Shoreditch, London

I believe this wheatpaste art was located on Grey Eagle street.

Huh? Horror graffiti in Shoreditch, London

Graffiti on a building on the other side of Shoreditch High Street. This one included a giant clothespin and a panther-looking animal.

Tinder Moments graffiti in Shoreditch, London

When we were in London, Tinder had just launched the "Tinder Moments" feature of their dating app.

Original Shepard Fairey sidewalk graffiti prank in Shoreditch

All around Shoreditch, there were prank directions all along the sidewalk pointing people (presumably tourists) on dead end searches for street art from world-renowned artists. Of course, none of these were real, much less at these prices.

Save The Bees graffiti project in Bethnal Green, London

The "Save the Bees" street art project was started by Louis Masai and Jim Vision to raise awareness for the declining bee population. This piece, located in Bethnal Green, is just one of many. You can see many more examples at Inspiring City.

ATM Endangered Birds graffiti in Whitechapel, London

Similar to the "Save the Bees" project, street artist ATM painted endangered birds all over London to bring awareness to their dwindling numbers. This example was actually not in Shoreditch, but rather in Whitechapel. For more background, this The Guardian article will be helpful.